This episode is as real as it gets. Thank you Layton. 

- Jeremie, Brian & Taylor

hi. my name is finn. i'm two.

i have a mom and a dad.

my mom is a businesswoman and my dad is a photo maker.

my dad is sick right now. his skin is sick and now his insides, too.

every morning we wake him up and give him his medicine. some days he sleeps all day and all night and forgets to read books with me before bed. but other days we get to play outside together with trucks and we make towers with lego and crash them on the ground as loud as we can. when he’s too tired to play he pretends to be hungry and asks me if i want to get a snack inside. he thinks i don’t know, but i know.

he always sneaks hugs from me when i'm not looking and whispers in my ear ‘i love you, finnie.’ when he thinks i'm not listening he tells mom he’s scared of missing out on watching me grow up into a real life man. that he would walk on fire and swim across an ocean and climb the biggest mountain if it would make a difference. he says he’s scared that i’ll forget him. he’s silly, my dad. he thinks i won’t remember, but i’ll remember.

Layton and his new born son Finn. Photo credit: Jeff Cooke

some days when moms not around he talks to me like a real life man. he tells me that when he’s not around to make sure i'm a kind person. not just kind, but fun and curious and adventurous and good to mom, too. i pretend to talk about trucks when we’re together, but i understand him, and i know he loves me. today and forever, he told me so. and when he has to go away and it’s just me and mom together i promise to be a brave boy. a good boy.

he thinks we might not be ok, but i know we'll be ok.



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