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As you are all aware, the month of November, also commonly known as Movember is a month dedicated to spreading the awareness of Men's Health, and I don't mean the magazine. I mean more like Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and other heath issues affecting men around the world. Now we were REALLY hoping to have this episode out before the end of Movember however due to scheduling issues we couldn't bring it to you until today. But that's okay right?! So check out Andrews post below and tune into this (IMO fucking hilarious) episode over on iTunes and be sure to spread the word!

Have you been listening to Sickboy podcast? Following along? So far, we've met humans who have had major illnesses, doing battle with cystic fibrosis, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and multiple forms of life-threatening cancer.  Then I come along...because my penis used to hurt.  And get this: of the 4 people on the podcast, I only had the SECOND worse case of penis-hurt syndrome (Phimosis).  But Taylor said it best, "Talking to a guy in his teens, when it comes to his dick, it's major."  

I hope that listeners don't view this as a throw-away episode, merely extant to tell some genitals-related jokes (though there are some knee-slappers).  While the physical condition of mild phimosis may be considered minor, the emotional, sexual, and social distress it causes can be dramatic.  For me, the embarrassment of "not finishing" would lead to feelings of anger, shame, and unmanliness.  Overall, I consider myself lucky to have recognized the physical problem relatively early on and to have had a successful surgical outcome.  I can only imagine how this condition would have continued to wreak havoc with my intimate relationships. 

There were a lot of personal barriers that sprung up throughout my phimosis adventure: Self-denial, embarrassment, wanting to avoid a circumcision...I'm sure many men who have frenulum breve or phimosis can emphasize with those feelings.  But now you know there's a solution!  Whether you need a circumcision, prepucioplasty, or just to rub a little steroid cream on it (only if prescribed), the first step is book an appointment with your family doctor.

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