And so it begins...

From most handsome to least handsome (left to right) Jeremie Saunders, Taylor MacGillivary, Brian Stever 

From most handsome to least handsome (left to right) Jeremie Saunders, Taylor MacGillivary, Brian Stever 

Hi Friend!

My name is Jeremie Saunders and I’m sick. How sick? Well, in the grand scheme of things pretty darn sick. I’ve got this asshole of a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a genetic Lung Disease that I am slowly dying from. Had it my whole life. So in other words I’m pretty used to having it by now. In fact I’m so used to having it that I often find myself making fun of the situation. I mostly joke about my unfortunate situation with my close friends… together we’re able to laugh about the absurdity that is Cystic Fibrosis.

Laughter. For me it’s an incredible therapy. I’m able to get two birds stoned at once with a good chuckle. 1) It's actually spectacular for my lungs and 2) I'm able to laugh in the face of death. Sure, the death isn’t really that imminent. Could be another 10 years before I go due to lung failure, but still, to be able to accept that fate and laugh about it while I’m still breathing is incredibly freeing.  

So that’s me. I’m sick and I like to laugh. Put those two together and sometimes you get some really inappropriate humor that can leave some folks feeling pretty uncomfortable. BUT more often than not you get some inappropriate humour that let’s people give off a sigh of relief and washes away any of the discomfort/awkwardness that for some weird reason comes with the territory of talking to someone with an illness. It’s those moments that I strive for.

Enter Sickboy. A podcast where the sick talk about what it’s like to be sick... and laugh. Hosted by your resident Sickboy, ME! I am joined by two of my best friends, Taylor, and Brian! Are they sick? Nope! Well… Taylor has a serious issue with sweaty palms. But other than that they’re pretty damn healthy. With my illness, their curiosity and our overall sense of humour Sickboy Podcast makes for a pretty entertaining conversation to say the least. Each episode we will tackle a different disease and we’ll chat with a different guest who is living with that disease to get their take on day to day life, how they cope, and their overall experience being ill. I know. Sounds like a huge bummer. But trust me, It’s a fucking riot.

SO… I am extremely excited to announce that we will be launching the first episode of our podcast in mid/late September. So spread the word!! Follow us on twitter @sickboypodcast. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and strangers to check us out. In the mean time keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts leading up to the big day!