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Since publishing our first blog post we've been overwhelmed by your support. From messages filled with kindness and love, to this awesome article written by Zane Woodford. We can't thank you enough! Stay tuned and follow us on twitter, we will officially be releasing Episode 1 on September 17th!!!

‘As good as a cure:’ New Halifax podcast to explore the lighter side of terminal illness

By Zane Woodford, Metro News

Jeremie Saunders is dying.

And so are you, but you shouldn’t let it get you down.

“No matter if you’re sick or not, we’re all dying. And if you just take a moment to actually sit with that, it could have some really profound effects on how you live your life,” Saunders said Thursday.

The 27-year-old actor and yogi is sick. He has cystic fibrosis: a fatal genetic disease with no cure that affects the lungs, intestines and immune system.

As a form of therapy, Saunders and two friends, Taylor MacGillivary and Brian Stever, started Sickboy Podcast.

The concept: ... (continue reading)