...on to the next chapter!

So you may have heard that we just launched our Kickstarter Campaign. If you haven’t, here’s the link to check out the page and what the radical video that was so awesomely put together by the kickass team at Tiny Town Media.

Why do we have a Kickstarter? Because all of you people out there reading this right now, yes, you, with the blue eyes…so many people have blue eyes. Anyway…YOU wanted us to spread this project. When we sat down in the recording studio and did our first episode, we were recording as a passion project that we'd do in our spare time because we loved the idea of getting together and working on something we love. We had no intention of this becoming something we would pour countless hours of work into. When we heard how excited you were, we got to talking and decided to step things up a notch!

A blogpost that went viral prompted the three of us to get to work. How do we get to work? We find awesome people. We record. We drink beer. We make Sickboy. But to make all of that happen on the necessary scale to get this project to the masses, we need some dough. $10,000 kind of dough, actually. What do we need it for? Marketing for one, so we can blast this bad boy all over North America and beyond, but also for gear so we can build a home studio. That will allow us to record every week with a new guest and produce quality content for all you friend-tastic listeners. Fresh, new, high quality content, with lots of listeners = sponsors = more quality content with super awesome badass guests.

So if you were wondering what to do with that $100 you found on the ground, you can send it our way. The last time we found $100 on the ground, we used it to make the first episode of a podcast…and here we are.