Hi! Jeremie here...

So the other day Brian, Taylor and I were chatting with a friend of ours and she came up with this brilliant idea. Ready for it? I don't think you are.

No... maybe you should sit down for this. Really... It's such a good idea that if you are trying to multi task or something right now you could end up injuring yourself due to the sheer "shit-yo-pants" worthy excitement that will come with what I'm about to say. 

Put that down... yes. Now pull up that chair. Yes, okayyyy... 



I knew you'd love it. Look at you... Okay, take it easy. Wipe that smile off your face, it's getting ridiculous now.... OKAY STOP. You're embarrassing me now. Geez. 

So what is a FUCK YEAH UPDATE? Well, every so often there is something that pops up in the news that we find really exciting. Some kind of super bad ass technological advancement in the medical community that means good news for those of us who are Sick! Something that makes us uncontrollably yell at the top of our lungs (in public) FUCK YEAH! For example, when that mad scientist in Russia, or Poland, or whatever decided he wanted to be the first surgeon to perform a human head transplant! RIGHT!? SO COOL! 

So, to kick it all off, we'd like to share with you our very first FUCK YEAH UPDATE! This one brings good news to those who are living with Type 1 Diabetes. Which is fitting because guess what... inside scoop... Next weeks episode will be all about Type 1 Diabetes! 

So check out the article HERE, and after you read it be sure to grab the person closest to you and scream in their face "FUCK YEAH!"