Our Gift to YOU!

We have a MASSIVE update for all of you wonderful people out there in internet land. We are fast approaching our Kickstarter goal of raising $10,000 to build a home recording studio to produce Sickboy.

For all of you who have shown a huge amount of love and support for this project, this is what we will do: Upon reaching our Kickstarter Goal of $10,000 we will release episode 1 of Sickboy. Initially, this release was planned for September 19th to coincide with our launch party, but you’ve all been so god damn amazing, we’re gonna hit you with it as soon as we hit our goal. 

We believe this is a deserved reward for everyone who has helped us thus far, and all of you out there who will help us reach the goal. We are also giddy with excitement to hear what you think of our very first episode. We know it’s great, we want you to think it’s great, and we want you to tell your friends how great you think it is so that they will also tell people how great it is. In turn, strangers will see how great it is and then everyone will know the greatness of our friendship and the world will become a more peaceful place filled with greatness. Get it? SHARE IT. HOW ELSE CAN I GET THIS MESSAGE ACROSS?

Check out our Kickstarter update HERE


With love and greatness,

Taylor & The Sickos