Started from tha bottom now the whole team f***in' here. RIGHT?!  

But seriously! We actually made it to our goal. Heck we even blew past our goal with just under 30 days left in our campaign! So again, thank you! Thank you for sharing, for donating, for liking, for rating & reviewing. Thanks for just being so damn awesome! 

As promised, as soon as we hit our goal we released our first episode on iTunes! If you haven't listened to it yet go here ---> Once you listen, if you haven't already, be sure to rate and review so we can continue to have a presence on the iTunes podcast charts!

So we've hit our goal. Now what? Well a lot more work on our end to keep this train rolling! In the next couple of days we will be announcing our stretch goal. With this comes even more contribution/reward options. We're pretty darn excited about them too! So stay tuned!

Again... we love you all and thanks for your continued support.

The Sickos