PDB; Public Displays of Bro-ffection

ugh... get a room. 

As some of you probably know after listening to Sickboy: Dying With Laughter, every 10 episodes Jeremie, Taylor, and I record an episode sans guest. We take some time to reflect on why we started this podcast in the first place; to share some of the (self-proclaimed) profound conversations we were having as three best friends shooting the shit together. Last week, as we wrapped on one of our recent recording sessions, I was reflecting on the experience and thinking about how much I’ve learned about illness, disease, and even deeper - the way we interact as human beings. Its funny the way the river of consciousness flows and where you can allow your mind to wander uninhibitedly. It was this stream that brought me to the thought I want to share with you today: ‘Jeremie, Taylor, and I are sharing a really cool life experience together, and, fuck, I love Jeremie and Taylor’. These guys are my best friends and being able to work so passionately on a project that we believe can truly change the way people interact with one another is so fucking awesome - okay, okay, I promise this won’t just be some vain, grandiose, self-glorification piece where I massage the egos of my two buddies who will surely read this before any of you - but seriously… picture this: we’re in the studio, listening to a guest talk so candid and openly about their perspective on life knowing they’re about to die… it’s causing me to reflect on my life and I look to Taylor and catch his piercing green eyes, a look that says ‘I’m here for you, I understand you, and I’m so thankful we’re sharing this moment together’... I try to stifle a tear that reluctantly streams down my cheek coloured with a plethora of shared emotions from our current conversation. Blue for the sadness in the discovery of an inoperable brain tumour, red for the anger of ignorant unsolicited apologies, yellow for the lightness and levity of therapeutic laughter. A technicolour teardrop that is so familiar to me because I’ve seen the very same emotions manifest in the eyes of my best friends.

Speaking of Taylor and his gorgeous green eyes, I’m proud to say that we’re living our lifelong dream of working together. Since we were kids growing up across the street from one another, Taylor and I have always dreamt about sharing the same career. From being a crime fighting duo to opening a yoga studio we were always scheming, planning, and fantasizing about the endless opportunities and adventures this world can offer. Sickboy has grown in a raw and organic way that only passion projects can and although our initial shortsightedness couldn’t see that this is a manifestation of our childhood dreams, a recent drunken revelation we shared together caused us both to realize the power of manifesting your own destiny. Life has two huge balls and it’s easier to grab them with your best friend than to do it on your own. Speaking of grabbing life by the balls, fucking Jeremie right? Man, I honestly have to say that Jeremie Saunders is the single most inspiring individual I’ve ever met. It’s not just his accomplishments that move me, although his accolades are numerous, it’s his attitude for life (Jer I’m not cutting this out even if it embarrasses you). Jeremie exudes openness and passion to the point that they’re almost palpable, his CF is the salt that has seasoned these characteristics to perfection. Despite Jer and I occasionally have contrasting ideas on life and death, his unwavering value for living in the moment is profoundly infectious. Did I mention yet that I love these guys?!

So what’s the point in sharing this with you? What’s the purpose of telling you how much I love my friends (because I know you have totally cool friends too)? Well, it's two-fold. One, I want to tell them how much I appreciate sharing this adventure with them. And two, because I want you to know how much Sickboy means to the three of us. Sickboy has changed our lives. It’s changed the way we look at life and the way that we interact with others - healthy or sick. Without you, you reading this right now, this wouldn’t be possible. So really, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you to you too.

Thank you.

- Brian

You can listen to this weeks episode of Sickboy Podcast HERE!