I recorded my episode of Sickboy 2 weeks ago, and here I am writing my supplementary blog post the night before my episode premieres. If you have already listened to the conversation, this information shouldn’t be much of a surprise; chronic procrastination is something that follows me around wherever I go (even if the assignment is a supposed-to-be-effortless blog post for a podcast that I love.)  But, in true Caleb, here I am at the eleventh hour. I hope that this post can give you a bit of bonus insight into my jumbled and excited mind.

In the conversation with the boys I didn’t really touch on much of my unique personality traits that I think of as an extension of my ADHD (I don’t think I did? The conversation went all over the place, it’s hard to keep track). So, in an attempt to help you further understand what my life is like on a day-to-day basis, I am going to give you a few dirty details.

Impulsivity is a character trait that is essential to mention when describing myself (The candy aisle beside the cash register was designed to bankrupt me). One area of my life that could be used to illustrate this internet shopping patterns. My Amazon shopping history is a complete clusterfuck. I have Amazon Prime, which means that I can get anything shipped to my house in 2 days, thus I have accepted the challenge of “anything.” The line between want and need is blurred, and I end up buying whatever pops into my head at 10pm without any thought process. It makes sense that impulsivity is often used as crowning characteristic of living with ADHD, and in case you don’t believe me, here’s a brief look into my shopping cart. 

(This is in case of a surprise dog wedding)

(This is to support Ro, after being slandered by Donald Trump the orange anus)

(I don’t ship a lot of things, but just in case I start an online business or something)


(It got great reviews, I had to see if they were right)

However, as much as my impulsivity hinders my bank account, it allows so much room for creative expression that I would be a different person without. I never really censor my ideas, and treat every thought that pops into my head as the best idea that’s ever been thought. I don’t have trouble starting projects, because it never goes through my mind to be self conscious or hesitant. The bad ideas usually end up revealing themselves, but I can live with them because I am already working on a project that turned out to be half-alright. Whether or not my ideas ever fully materialize is another story (my couch has been 75% reupholstered for about a year) but without ADHD I might have never started. 

(I screen-printed this shirt on my very own, one of my impulsive ideas that found it’s way to completion)

I don’t know if this entry went anywhere, but I’m going to post it anyways. If anything, you know why I am going to smell like a has-been hotel heiress (except manly? I’ll get back to you on that one) in the near future.

I hope that everyone is having a great Thanksgiving (especially the cuties at Sickboy ;) and that everyone from Halifax is voting in the election this weekend! Rock on!


- Caleb Stark






(I think I mentioned that I am obsessed with Britney Spears. Since recording the podcast I bought a plane ticket to Vegas and front row tickets to her show.)

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