Who Need's Arms And Legs Anyway?

I had over a month to write this, yet here I am writing this the night before my episode is set to go live - typical. When reflecting on my chat with the boys, one major thing came to mind: A live show is hard...

Although I had an amazing time talking to the boys, they did ask a few questions that I now wish I could answer differently. So, here are some new answers:

What’s your Greatest Accomplishment?

I still don't have a firm answer. I don't feel like I've actually done anything amazing, because I don't want to be "good for someone without arms and legs" I want to be good. I don't want to be good at rugby or CrossFit for someone missing all limbs, I just want to be good. Realistically, there's very few things in my life that I've done that are amazing for the "average" person, so I find it hard to acknowledge them as great things. I drive, went away to university, play rugby, can clean 100lbs, but lots of people can do those things. So I guess I'm still waiting for my "great thing" to happen. Here are a few things that I’ve done that I am proud of:

Receiving the International Rugby Board Spirit of Rugby Award, learning how to ski and rollerblade, Qualifying for Wodapalooza, doing 34 burpees in one minute, knowing almost every word to every Friends episode, and learning how to skip rope at 30 years old. These are all cool things, but I do feel optimistic that “my Greatest Accomplishment” hasn't happened yet.

Side note on skipping -

When  I was young I really couldn’t master the whole “jumping” aspect of skipping. As a kid who always wanted to be included, (read: early development of FOMO) I decided I would be the designated rope turner. Here I am, doing just that. Also, I’m wearing myoelectric arms and prosthetic legs in this picture - my current legs are MUCH cooler, but we’ll get to that later.

What’s the nicest thing someone has said to you?

About a week after my CrossFit video went viral, my 9 year old niece called me, and unprompted said “I’m proud of you”. It was quite possibly the nicest, most sincere thing someone has ever said to me. I also have to say that my partner, Matt, says incredibly nice things to me every single day. Here’s a picture of us looking super cute:

Things I talked about that may require more clarification:

Biking - no, I can’t bike in the traditional sense, but here’s a picture of me riding the coolest trike around:

My legs - I wear prosthetic legs most of the time (or like, when I’m not feeling lazy). For most of my life I searched for ways to make my fake legs look “real”. I tried all sorts of different covers and discovered that in the end, my legs are fake and they will always look fake, so why not make them look cool! I now sport pretty cool covers from a Canadian company called The Alleles. They make the coolest covers, and I am cooler as a result of them. See?

Wodapalooza - in January I’m heading to Miami to compete in a huge CrossFit Competition. It will be my first time competing at anything of this scale, and my first Adaptive CrossFit comp. Basically, I’ll be competing against other athletes with similar physical differences - which I am very excited about!! If you want to learn more about The Wodapalooza, or help with my Funding Campaign, head over to my website, lindsayhilton.com and click on the Wodapalooza tab.

Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. Follow me on social to check out my journey to Wodapalooza, and also see what I ate for supper last night.

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