Ricky's Response

After the release of HIV with Reckless Abandonment Ricky reached out to us to put forward a message from him. Please take a moment to read his post below.

I talked with the guys from Sickboy podcast about a time in my life when I got really sick. I did sick things that I'm not proud of with other sick people. I fell into a world of abuse, disease, and lies.

Now, as a gay man. I love who I am. Being gay is awesome! We dress well, we're honest, we're complimentary, we speak up, we're movers and we are talented! We are great people just like everyone else. The gay community has a lot to offer.

The story I'm telling is about a particular lifestyle in a community within the gay community. (That's the best way I can put it). This isn't a happy story. It's a lifestyle that is very real and needs to be talked about. There isn't a better way to hear about it than my own experiences.

HIV is serious and it needs to be talked about. Even if so many gay man have it and it's just a pill a day to keep the doctor away. It is STILL just as serious. You'll hear examples of reckless decisions when it comes to safe sex and certain "rules of thumb" people may play by. When you're making decisions about safe sex. Communicate with your partner so you both know what you're getting into.

I hope you listen to this episode with a open mind. This is the most raw material I've ever spewed out of my mouth. It was the darkest days of my life. I am living a much better life and I take my health and others very seriously

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