Sickboy: Eyeborg

Hey! Did you see this?

Cyborg eyes are hot right now! I have a few thoughts about this. Especially, because I have a cyborg eye. Check out this website of mine to see why that is.

Rob's actual eyehole... Yeah... That's a camera. 

Rob's actual eyehole... Yeah... That's a camera. 

I’m 43. Which means I don’t have a lot of online evidence from my highschool and college days. Thank Gawd right? Did you ever wonder how much that whole notion is going to keep going forward? Like where does this train end up? To what extent are the video and audio from our lives going to be online in the future? How much will our private experiences remain private?

Shit is about to get real people. We will all have constant video footage of our whole lives at some point in the near future. It will go to the cloud. And that to some extent that will be accessible to everyone. Let’s say the next generation from now. Sounds insane right?

In the future, there will be video and audio of everything we do all the time. Kind of like Russian Dashcam videos except not for just driving - but our whole lives.  And other people will be able to check it out. Maybe not in 20 years. Maybe not in 500 years. (Probably sooner). But eventually, video and audio recording will become a standard part of our bodies and the resulting data will become something that we all share. Shocking!

Here is a superb fictional account of that. It’s a show about a near future called An Entire History of You where we all record video of our experiences all the time. Watch it. It’s fascinating.

One thing that will happen - it will become less embarrassing.

Oh! You are having sex? So what…Somebody flicks past this image and audio the same way they do on an elementary school friend’s Facebook picture of his 34th birthday party.

You made a terrible prejudiced comment? Huh. Many people will take you to task and some won’t. Sort of like Facebook right now.

You said something lovely to your mom. Aww, that’s nice.

The data of the human experience will become more and more shared and less titillating for its differences. I think it might become, for lack of a better way of explaining it, like the hive mind of the Borg. The Borg are a fictional bunch of Cyborgs from Star Trek: Next Generation that share each other’s thoughts. The more we share each other’s thoughts, the more we understand each other.

The question is...will we all become psychos that want to kill Captain Picard? Or will we become more, perhaps, less likely to wear the masks that Jung would say our are personas. I mean to say, maybe if we know each other’s experiences better, maybe if we all watch each other’s 24 hr reality show - we might understand one another better.

Ha. I have no idea if that will happen. I’m not an anthropologist or a futurist,  I’m just a guy who lost his eye from a childhood shotgun accident...who ended up with a camera eye. But I’ve ended up being in the intersection of a few interesting lanes in today’s rapidly changing world.

What the fuck do I know? On the other hand, do you think you know what it all means? Think again. Basically, you are the Countess Dowager from Downton Abbey and you are trying to figure out the telephone.

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