Do You Poop At Parties? I Sure Do.

Cherylann is an absolute gem. Absolutely take the time to listen to our conversation with everyone's favourite Party Pooper on her experience in living with Ulcerative Colitis over on iTunes and check out her blog below! 

I just want to find someone that can make me laugh, give me orgasms, and talk about poop—the third point being key to my story. 

For years I experienced digestive problems, but I was too afraid to see a doctor about my issues. I convinced myself having diarrhea on a regular basis was normal. I made poop jokes at every opportunity. My goal was to create a social environment that allowed me to relieve myself without the embarrassment. 

I opened this blog with the same check list I'd share on a first date. This was how I went about life, laughing at my shitty situation—puns always intended. 

Just over a year ago the situation became anything but funny. Everything I ate was going right through me (including full Tylenol pills) and it was a bloody mess—literally. Eventually I ended up in the hospital for nearly a month and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a disease I'd likely been living with for 10 years. 

What does this mean exactly? It means I suffer from frequent bowel movements, and pain too extreme to describe. There is no cure. 

Rather than dwell on the fact I will spend the rest of my life dealing with said pooping problem, I decided to spin it into an "everything happens for a reason" story. After a long winter of battling it out with my broken insides, I launched a YouTube channel called, Party Pooper. And yes, I talk about poop. A lot. But I party too. 

Instead of being depressed, I continue to laugh and make poop jokes. I share my stories and experiences with the world in hopes it will help others feel less alone, and less ashamed. Everyone poops, why not talk about it? 

I was far more open in my interview with Sickboy than I ever expected I would be, and I have no regrets. I hope the verbal diarrhea I expressed during the interview will open the dialogue about this mostly invisible disease. There's no reason for anyone to feel embarrassed about something they can't control. To me, it's simply another chapter in my story. 

Embrace everything you are, and you WILL come out on top. Happy dumping V.I.POOs (Very Important Poopers)! 

-Cherylann AKA Party Pooper  

Poopy Squad