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We received a blogpost & some mad love from Jenny, a listener of ours! Check out the sweet yet poignent things she had to say and tune in to our 4th Host special! 

I could go on for days about how much I like sick boy and what it is I like about it - maybe the best part is it has become a social lubricant of sorts since I always have something to talk about. Have you listened to Sickboy yet? No? You really should. Did you listen to the ______ episode? Have you heard about Armin Miewes? The list goes on. If you haven’t listened, I’ve probably gone into detail telling you what phimosis is or how it is possible for your ankle to become your knee joint. Sickboy is incredibly informative, hilariously funny and deeply inspiring. I could talk about the times that I have laughed, cried or listened in shock horror, but I want to talk about what this podcast does for me - Jenny, a “healthy” listener.

Although experiencing disease is unique and individual, it is shared by friends and family. I have shared in the experience of cancer, anorexia, depression, liver failure and more. I’ve learned a lot going through these experiences, but there have been numerous times where fear, discomfort and lack of time have left me silent. Scared to ask questions about what they are going through or what the future holds. Uncomfortable diving into what their true feelings are, and when I lost someone to suicide, I felt the weight of these unanswered questions. Not only is sickboy wiping away the stigma of various diseases, but the raw, intimate and often boundary-pushing conversations that they have with their guests builds a real connection between the guest and listener. A connection that I can expand to my personal relationships. Something that is making me a better communicator, more understanding and certainly more empathetic. For this reason (and because I honestly laugh out loud during every episode), I recommend Sickboy to everyone I meet. Go to the beginning and download every episode. It might take you a few weeks to catch up, but once you do, you will wait excitedly every Monday for the latest episode.

- Jenny Wood

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