12 Months Old & A Fatal Disease. Lolz!

Holy jesus. We're one year old today. It's a wild thing to think about, but we would not have been able to get this far if it wasn't for your loving/nurturing nature. You're like our mother. Snuggling us, dressing us, and feeding us from your teat. Literally... like, we legit drank breast milk from one of you. Oh my god. 

Thanks for being there for us. 

Thanks for engaging with us.

Thanks for cultivating this incredible community with us. 

Here is a short blog post from one of our listeners. We aren't good at taking compliments, but, gee wiz, thanks for the kind words Megan.

You can think of me as their number 1 fan...

The story starts on November 12, 2015 as I was cruising on Notable.ca and came across an interview for a new podcast. I watched two boys, Jeremie and Brian as they talked about their podcast called SickBoy. I thought to myself, these two boys are pretty attractive and somewhat funny… I’ll check it out. An hour or so later, I learned that there was a third gentleman (hello, Taylor) and that this was definitely a podcast that I could get into. I started following SickBoy on Instagram and shortly after Jeremie started following me back. I was at work at the time and I felt the urge to message him to let him know that Sickboy podcast has officially put my work productivity at a 0 … the rest is just history.

Ever since that day, I still find myself hooked. Since the first episode about Jeremie and his CF, what has intrigued me the most is how the podcast doesn’t ignore life’s unpleasant situations. I’m not saying health should not be taken seriously but sometimes we need to take a step back and approach something with a new pair of eyes. They approach sickness in a more positive way. SickBoy along with each special guest, challenges the stigma that goes along with health. With each episode, someone new explains how he or she is living, or has lived with, terminal cancer, anorexia, PTSD, chronic depression or what it is like being transgender (the list goes on). Not only do the interviews make you literally “LOL” (trust me on this one) but, you always find yourself learning something new. Each episode allows you to better understand the side of people that is left out of every day conversation.  

All episodes are very entertaining and really informative. My favourite episode up to this point is the one about Herpes with Fiona. As a girl, it’s really good to know that lining the toilet with toilet paper and working on my gluts while squatting is helping not only my physique, but also my health. Each episode, including this one, is just so raw. No one holds back from the issue at hand. If something needs to be said, they will say it. Health can be a scary topic, but Sickboy has taught me that it doesn’t have to be. The more we learn about what is happening around us, the less intimidated we become.

As for the three gentlemen themselves, you couldn't find a better group of guys. They all feed off of each other's energy which makes for the most entertaining conversations. And after meeting them in person, I can also say that they are better than "pretty attractive." Overall, I think this podcast is the best one out there and if you are not listening to it  ... then what the hell are you doing? 

- Megan

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