The Power of Music w/ Laurie Brown, Host of Pondercast

Great time hanging with the Sickboy gentlemen!  There is a lot of crossover between what Sickboy is about and my podcast, Pondercast.  Both are trying to get at what matters - at the deepest feelings and fears we try to ignore (only to have them blow up our lives at the most inopportune moments!) and trying to keep talk real and meaningful.  Sickboy does it through living with disease…Pondercast does it through music and following the threads of ‘what ifs?’ that your brain takes you on in your off-leash moments.  Also in figuring out when to call BULLSHIT on your brain. :) 

Jeremie, Taylor and Brian were big fans of my old radio show The Signal - so I knew we would have a great talk.  And we did.

xo Laurie

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