I have to get this off my chest

I Have To Get This Off My Chest

- Brian

Since the inception of Sickboy, I’ve become much more acquainted with the power of vulnerability. Being open about your struggles not only brings you personal relief, but it also allows you to connect with those you speak to on a much deeper level. When you’re able to really own what you’re going through, you’re able to walk through life with a little less weight on your shoulders and you’ll generally have much more meaningful conversations.

Vulnerability Prophylactically

I hate the way I look in this picture, but Jeremie and Taylor look good.

I hate the way I look in this picture, but Jeremie and Taylor look good.

For the most part, we understand that being proactive about your physical health is important; we’re conscientious about nutrition, getting enough rest, and exercising. However, we don’t often consider the importance of being proactive about our mental health. We focus more on treating mental illness, rather than preventing it and the methods for being proactive aren’t as concrete. So what about vulnerability? Is it possible that having regular, open, honest, and often times difficult conversations could actually lead to an overall healthier life? Fuck yes. We sometimes literally preface those conversations by saying, ‘I have to get this off my chest’. Get what off your chest? The weight of the fucking world and all the stress and anxiety that comes with it... I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can feel it. That weight is tangible and I know it’s not healthy to be carrying that around for extended periods of time. So be vulnerable. Admit your shortcomings, be honest about how you feel, and open up about the struggles you might be going through. It’s not easy, but it’s for your health.

This week on the podcast we challenged ourselves to be vulnerable. This week on Sickboy, What’s Your Biggest Insecurity?

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