She's Nubs

I was born in Montreal and immediately put up for adoption when my biological parents saw that I was born without hands and part of my legs, but I have never let any of this stop me. I have lived a happy, challenging, enriched life.  Despite some challenges, I have always chose to stay positive and to live life to the fullest! Instead of dwelling on what I don't have, I focus on all that I do have. I have an amazing family, the best friends, great health, an awesome job and a man that loves me. I have so much! 

The challenges I have faced have made me who I am today. I’m different and I love it! I embrace my differences and do whatever I can to shine and be myself. I am very outgoing, talkative, passionate, funny & confident.  This positivity seems to be infectious and I tend to inspire people wherever I go - children, parents, bank tellers you name it! I've even had the incredible opportunity of meeting my favourite band, NOFX and inspired the lead singer, Fat Mike, so much that he wrote a song about ME! So rad, I still can't believe it. I also got to meet one of my inspirations, Richard Branson and as it turns out, we inspire each other. To me, that's what life is all about! Inspiring and being inspired! I believe, it’s my purpose in life, to share the gift that I have been given, the gift of ‘positive thinking and doing’. 

Throughout my life I have been judged, based purely on how I look and have been denied opportunities because of this. I've decided to take my life into my own hands (pun intended!) and do what I think I'm destined to do - share my story with as many people as I can. The story I share is based on the great things I have achieved, the challenges I have faced and how I have overcome them. I want to inspire people around me, to be the best person they can be, to learn to love themselves, dream big and live life to the fullest!

- Talli Osborne

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