World Record Wheelchair Racer: Josh Cassidy

"Overcoming those early obstacles taught him many lessons which he has applied to his life ever since. He has been on a journey that has led him to something much bigger. The purpose of life. True Happiness. Inner Peace. Self Belief. Being the most ultimate version of ourselves, for the world." -

Josh Cassidy is one of the most humble, kind, and compassionate individuals I've ever met. His appreciation for life and desire to spread positivity is contagious. When Tay, Jer, and I sat down with Josh at Movember House we were blown away by the person we met. Being born with a chronic illness or disability is seemingly one of the most difficult experiences to deal with in life - however, it also offers an opportunity to grow and to mature in a way that is only possible through overcoming challenging obstacles and pain. While everyone's life experience is unique, Josh embodies the idea that struggle builds character. Its not his athletic accolades that inspire us, it's his ability to be human.


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