Rock n' Roll Death with Just Chips Dot Com

While on our latest trip to Toronto, we got to do a lot of notable things. We hosted a sold out live show, joined a podcast network, and went to a BBQ festival….but most of all, we made new best friends. 

Sophia LePage and Zoë Robertson host the always intriguing, captivating and hilarious Just Chips Dot Com…the podcast, not the website. They reach out to us a few weeks prior to our trip and asked if they could us host us on an episode of their show, and we graciously accepted. Needless to say, we had a blast, and you can check out that episode HERE. It’s a doozy. 

It’s not everyday you meet a couple of people and know immediately that you were meant to be besties, so we took full advantage and invited them to join us for a host episode we would be recording while in TO. Most notably, we chatted about what our badass Rock n’ Roll death would be, and that went in a lot of interesting directions. 

Strap in, check it out & have fun. 

- Tay

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