A Delicate Dance Between Humour and Hardship w/ Sunee Dhaliwal

Performing comedy is a difficult job, epically stand up. Its a tightrope walk between the comedian and audience. This is made even more difficult when the performer is facing hardship in their day to day life. Tasked with difficult burden of trying to make a room full of people laugh when they themselves do not feel like smiling. That is the life of a comedian, bringing laughs and trying not to offend.

Sunee Dhaliwal may just be the fastest rising star on the Canadian comedy scene. Think of the funny guy in high school that both the jocks and the nerds liked. His professionalism and reputation for being both a club and crowd favourite has already landed him opening spots for top Headliners like Mike McDonald, Jo Koy, Sugar Sammy and Charlie Murphy along with performing in Montreal at the Just For Laughs Festival. Sunee has recorded for XM Radio and has done his very own Comedy Now special on CTV. 
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