Sickboy Does SXSW!

I feel like it's safe to say that there are moments in everyones life where you catch yourself looking around at the people you surround yourself with, at the environment you find yourself in, at the circumstances your life has led you to and you have no choice but to pause and acknowledge that "Life. Is. Beautiful."

This trip to SXSW has been one of those moments. 

When I take a second to think back to where this entire project began, I honestly couldn't imagine that we would end up where we are today. To have been invited down to SXSW was one thing... but to have had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Palmer and chat for an hour about his experience in dealing with Leukemia was what made this so special. 

Being sick sucks. I say it time and time again. But I truly believe we all have the strength to find the silver lining in the struggle. To find and embrace the humour within the experience of illness. And to use our struggles to learn about ourselves and others. Andrew is a shining example of how we can take the shittiest of news and like a super hero just blast through the bullshit and come out on the other end with some life long lessons all the while cracking a smile. 

If you want to follow what Andrew is up to check him out on twitter @andrewpalmer and instagram @andrewdavidpalmer

- Jeremie


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