It's Either Hodgkins Or It Ain't: Hodgkins Lymphoma

To paraphrase Kris Carr, "Cancer isn’t a gift because I wouldn’t give it to you, but a lot of good can come from it.” My own diagnosis and treatment for stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 26 turned my world upside down but spat me out a wiser, more conscientious young man. Staring down your own mortality in your 20s will do that to you. 

Sitting down with Jeremie, Brian and Taylor was a blast through my past and a welcome exchange about life, death and illness. No two ways about it – being sick sucks. But as anyone will tell you, if you can find the humor (no matter how dark) in those situations, you can handle anything. It’s ironic that the one inevitability that every human being shares – DEATH – is one of the most taboo topics around. Sickboy Podcast is trampling down that barrier and opening the conversation at a young age. 

I hope you will enjoy the conversation. 

-Tom Whiteside


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