I Dove Into A Pool And Broke My Neck - Quadriplegia

A beautiful Sunday afternoon swimming in a backyard pool with my boyfriend and a couple of friends, quickly turned into the most terrifying day of my life.
An innocent dive, changed everything for me, and the lives of my loved ones, forever. 

I lost complete mobility of my body from the shoulders down. I was drowning and I had no way to get my head out of the water.

"I'm going to fucking die", were the last words I said to myself before everything faded to black.

Aug 7, 2016 was the day I broke my neck, resulting in an incomplete C4 spinal cord injury. I am a quadriplegic.

The last 18 months haven't exactly flown by, but I'm alive, and I'm actually doing very well, both physically and mentally.
My life is different, but I still love it- seeing progress is a great contributor of positive feelings and further motivation.
I'd have to say without the continued support of family, friends, therapists/healthcare professionals and strangers, I wouldn't be where I am today… Not even close. 
When people don't give up on you, and are constantly cheering you on, it's really difficult to give up on yourself.

Erin's Lookin Super Badass Playing Football

Erin's Lookin Super Badass Playing Football

I am grateful for so much more now. I look at everything differently. All of the little things in life that never seemed important, are some of the most important, and sometimes most frustrating parts of my life. 
Because of the way my spinal cord was injured, one side of my body has a lot more movement than the other, so things that used to take minutes if not seconds to do may take hours or may be physically impossible at the moment. 
A seemingly simple chore like tying my shoe is only a goal right now, or making a peanut butter sandwich for lunch may or may not happen depending on whether I can get the jar open that day. 

This injury has enabled me to appreciate so much more in life and not take anything for granted. 
I had lost the ability to hug for so long. I am so grateful that I can hug my loved ones again. 

Hug everyone.

-Erin Saari

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