Goodbye Dear Friend

Photo credit: AJ Hélie

Photo credit: AJ Hélie


If you are newer to the podcast, you may not yet have had the opportunity to hear from this beautiful human being. We first met Brandon Thomas in March of 2016. We were only 27 episodes into Sickboy and he was the youngest guest we had to date. Although you wouldn't know it as he was far more mature than the three of us. This charming, articulate and incredibly handsome bastard hobbled into our recording studio with his one and a half leg and crutch set up and told us all about his 9 months ordeal of being diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma and losing his leg to cancer. It wasn't long before we considered him a dear friend. 

One memory we will never forget was the time Brandon came out to our second LIVE show here in Halifax. He was 19 years old and it had been his first night out on the town since the loss of his leg. We decided that we'd take him out on the town and rip it up on the dance floor. We took a trek on foot across town to the Seahorse Tavern and upon arrival used Brandons disability to our advantage by getting us to the front of the mile long lineup to get inside the bar. We proceeded to buy him drink after drink and Jeremie drunkenly spent the night trying to set Brandon up with every woman in sight. At one point Bran had both crutches thrown into the air pumping them to the beat before collapsing to the ground in a fit of laughter... which wasn't ideal seeing as how he still wasn't quite healed from his Rotationplasty and all. All in all it was the start of what would become the deepest bond we would have formed with a past guest. 

Brandon has been on the podcast more times than we can count. To pay our respects we will be airing the first two episodes we recorded with him over the next two weeks. Rest easy Brandon. You've taught us more than you will ever know. 

- Jeremie, Brian & Taylor