Cocked Wrists & Crooked Ankles - Arthrogryposis

I am Michelle! I was born with Arthrogryposis, which is a lack of muscle in various joints of the body.  It affects my arms and legs - I have triceps but no biceps, which prevents me from lifting my arms; my hands are turned at the wrist because there is no muscle; and I can only bend one of my knees. I was born with clubbed feet and a dislocated hip, both of which were operated on before I was two years old. I am the youngest of 5 children, and am a twin too! I graduated from StFX in May 1995 with what I like to refer to as a Bachelor of Arts with a major in independence. I have worked at Dalhousie University for almost 20 years. I have just built an accessible home with my husband, and I learned how to drive a car 9 years ago! I was introduced to sit skiing a few years ago, and I am going to do adaptive surfing this summer!  I do a lot of fundraising for Easter Seals Nova Scotia and also sit on their Board of Directors. I will be participating in Drop Zone for the third time this year in September, where I will rappel off 1801 Hollis St. 

My motto in life is I can do anything! It just might take me a little longer! Oh and I am Unstoppable.