#PussyProblems - Adenomyosis

It typically starts with groundbreaking fatigue. Not the fatigue that one gets from watching Altered Carbon till 5am, but the fatigue that affects you on a cellular level. Can’t-lift-my-head off-the-pillow-my-eyelids-feel-like-lead, kind of fatigue. From there the stabbing begins, as though the knife I used to cut through last nights chicken has lodged itself within my tissue. Cute. The cramping follows, where an iron fist clenches at my diseased uterus in attempts to tear it from my cavity (has yet to be successful, btw). Nerve, back, thigh and hip pain keep the ball rolling, for good measure. Vomiting isn’t uncommon, nor is passing out, aka my bodies’ way of saying ‘I give up!!!”.


This is a flare up, a common occurrence for someone like me who suffers from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, dyspareunia, PVD, and the exciting suspected adenomyosis. And although this may sound like a sob story, a cry for pity or doting, it is not. I am a privileged individual who lives a very full life. I have been lucky enough to have been operated on by dope surgeons, have tried very exciting cannabis products, and have been able to practice mindfulness. Because of my illnesses I am fortunate enough to educate those around me about genealogical health, even if I fuck up the words sometimes and am not entirely factual… It’s the thought that counts, right? My illnesses are not a curse but a blessing and an opportunity to share my story and speak about taboo topics that are often shared via shame filled quiet whispers. I believe transparency is vital to learning, and humour softens the toughest of situations, which is why my conversation with the Sickboy crew was such a gift. Though the chat was foggy, as I was fresh off a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, I feel so lucky to have had that experience. I hope to offer some comedic relief to those suffering in silence, and some insight to curious minds. Before I take up all your time, and (hopefully) before you listen to the podcast, I should probably introduce myself. 

Hi, I’m Liv, and I’ve got some #pussyproblems.