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This week on Sickboy we sit down and talk to Nadine MacLellan about her experience living with Bipolar II. Betchya didn't know Bipolar had a sequel! Well of course you didn't know that, because it doesn't. Don't be silly. BUT did you know that there are two different types of Bipolar? I sure as heck didn't. There were a butt load of other things I didn't know about Bipolar until we recorded this incredible conversation with an equally as incredible individual. 

Since this has began I have said it time and time again, I want to open up the discussion so that we can begin to tear down the stigma behind illness. So that we can learn to unapologetically laugh about the absurdity of our own condition. To find light in an otherwise dark and sometime scary situation. So yeah, I have said these things. I talk the talk. But can I walk the walk? When we sat down to chat with Nadine I learned that it's not always easy for me to do.

I don't know much about mental illness... I feel like a fuck load of us don't. With that, I found myself tip-toeing around and walking on egg shells when asking her about her illness. You can actually hear it in the episode. I was like a cop in an 80's action film, sweating as he defuses a bomb by cutting one wire at a time not fully knowing what might happen after each snip of the scissors... That's not a joke. I seriously thought there was a chance that I could say something and she would just snap and go into a manic episode. BUT GUESS WHAT?! I learned that isn't how it works and again was reminded why these conversations are so important. Mental illness is NOT being talked about enough. So let's talk about it. 

If you'd like to brush up on some facts about Bipolar and mental health in general head on over to theNIMH Website for tons of really well laid out information.

Also I'd just like to say, Thank you Nadine. Thank you for being a part of one of the most interesting and moving discussions I have ever been given the opportunity to be a part of. You're a gem and I'm glad to call you a friend. 

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