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Sickboy is a documentary that premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival and was broadcast nationally on CBC. It follows Jeremie, Brian and Taylor as they navigate the world of speaking with sick people, how the podcast is changing their lives and the lives around them. 


CBC Radio: The Current

The Fellas Sit down with their ultimate radio crush, Anna MAria Tremonti for a 30 minute chat about the podcast and living with illness

Meet Sickboy: The Halifax Podcast Normalizing Death Through Dark Laughs

"I’m really turned on by the idea of living a short life. I don't wanna get old."


BBC Outlook

Challenging the stigma of cystic fibrosis

Jeremie Saunders is an actor from Canada. He has cystic fibrosis, a terminal condition which severely damages the organs. The life expectancy of people with CF is low - when Jeremie was 10 years old, he read in a pamphlet that he would die at 30. He's 29 years old now and has launched the podcast Sickboy, where he, his friends and family talk openly of how to deal with terminal illness and death.


Metro Morning w/ Matthew Galloway

Jeremie flew to Toronto on behalf of Sickboy to deliver a key note speech at the annual BREATHE! Charity Gala! While in town he somehow managed to sneak onto one of the biggest radio shows in the country, CBC Metro Morning with the incredible Matt Galloway! 



Sickboy Podcast tackles illness with humour

Three Halifax 20-somethings want to break down stigma through their weekly podcasts that tackel illness with humour.