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I'm riding for Brandon thomas

We connect with all our guests, but Brandon didn't just sit down with us to record an episode. Brandon kept coming over. Again, and again....and again. When we recorded our episode with Brandon he was cancer free. Having had an osteosarcoma (Terry Fox cancer), which is a tumour on the femur bone, he had his left leg amputated. He had a ton of

Brandon Is Beautiful.jpg

complications through many months of chemo and he spent almost the entirety of his 18th year in the hospital, including his 19th birthday. One cold winter night, after a live podcast show in Halifax in which Brandon was in attendance, we took Brandon to a bar for his first time. He didn't have a prosthetic fitted for his leg yet, so he was on crutches. He could have easily asked to call a cab and we would have paid for it, but he hobbled his way to The Seahorse, promptly showed the bouncer his missing leg and got us all in ahead of the massive line.

Just as Brandon kept showing up to hang out, unfortunately so did his cancer. Chemo, surgery, trial treatment, more chemo, more surgery. Brandon passed away this past Spring, and although there was the grief that comes with losing a great friend, it was blotted out by the invaluable lessons that he taught us about being human. That death isn't a snap of the finger transition. What you do in this life doesn't leave when your body does.

On September 29th, I'm going to ride like Brandon would ride.