This Week: Cancer. Death. Skateboarding. w/Rob Dyer

Rob Dyer lost a lot of very important people to cancer in a very short amount of time. He was young, devastated and ambitious, so he decided to channel all of his emotions into one big idea: a skate marathon that started on the west coast of the United States and culminated in his hometown near Toronto. The whole idea was to prove that anything can be done with enough determination, and he hoped that this philosophy would inspire people to stay optimistic about dealing with cancer in its various forms. Needless to say, it did just that. Over the last 10 years Skate 4 Cancer has skated across multiple countries, joined forces with major bands and tours, and visited schools around the globe all raising awareness and spreading knowledge of early cancer prevention and detection. Through clothing sales, community events, and the S4C Shop they have donated over $150,000 to Wellspring to help fund educational and support programs for individuals and families affected by cancer. Rob Dyer is one gem of a human being and we hope you fall as deeply in love with him as we did.