This Week: Planning For Your Death w/ Roxanne Walsh, Funeral Celebrant  


This week on Sickboy Podcast we talk about DEATH! The big scary inevitability that for whatever silly reason we all seem to ignore and or fear. Roxanne Walsh is an author, certified funeral celebrant and end of life planner. Perfect timing, turns out this is the night that Brian is going to die. Roxanne fills Jeremie and Taylor in on what the next steps are. DID YOU KNOW there are no laws about how long you can keep your dead loved one around as long as you are not committing an indignity to the body? Is pouring booze down their throat in celebration an indignity? Yup... it is... very much so. This episode is jam packed with fascinating tidbits about how to plan for your death! Be sure to tune in and share it with everyone you love to show them that you care and to help normalize the talk about death.