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The Deets 

  • 19+

  • Nominate yourself OR someone else!

  • Must be a sicko (chronic, terminal, mental, physical, sexual... Any and all sickness counts)

  • Written Application Required

  • Additional Video Application Favoured *

  • Sky Is The Limit. Literally. We aren't taking anyone to space.

  • Can not have received a Children's Wish In the past  

  • No Shopping Sprees allowed

* For Video Submissions, please answer the questions within the written application and feel free to add anything else that might help get your point across. Be brave, be creative and most of all be yourself! 

* Terms and conditions apply

Name *
How old are ya?
Where ya at?
Be as specific as possible
This is where you'll convince us :)
Just curious.
Youtube and/or Vimeo is easiest (if password protected PLEASE leave password in written application)

Tips For An Inspiring Video Application/nomination

  • Tell Us your Story! 

  • Tell us Why this wish means a lot to you? 

  • Show us YOU in your element! 

  • Ask a friend to help you shoot it!

  • Shoot it in a well lit area and shoot it horizontally 

  • Keep it concise (Like 2 minutes max) 

  • Upload to Youtube or Vimeo - Somewhere easily accessible