When a Party Trick Turns Out to be a Chronic Illness

Throughout my childhood and adolescence people would occasionally marvel at how my knees extend backward when i stand or my elbows remained in a constant state of hyperextension, but it was normal, right? My mother and my sister and my grandmother, they all had the same traits so it couldn’t be that unusual.

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Celiac – That’s When You Get Super Skinny From Not Eating Wheat Right?

Celiac is an auto immune disease. You know that because you listened to this podcast (I hope!). What I find fascinating about this disease is that the only cure is food – or lack of food. Namely gluten. It’s led me to spend many hours, probably too many, becoming obsessed with how food can heal and harm you at the same time. I’m not someone who believes that gluten is evil (well not for everyone at least) but I do think that some foods can do some serious harm to our bodies.

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I am a man.

I think what makes a man is the same thing that allows anything on this earth to exist with strength and grace, and that is balance. If you lift weights, you have to stretch. If you eat shitty food, get up and get outside. If you want to be masculine, you have to discover your feminine. 

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Who Need's Arms And Legs Anyway?

I don't feel like I've actually done anything amazing, because I don't want to be "good for someone without arms and legs" I want to be good. I don't want to be good at rugby or CrossFit for someone missing all limbs, I just want to be good. 

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You Don't Need A Degree To Simply Be Human

Wait a goddamn second… Jeremie Saunders? The guy who doesn’t even know what arithmetic means? The guy who stuck his balls into a laser? The guy who worked at X-citement video?! The guy who squished doo doo with his hands to make it flush?! They let HIM address a room full of med students!?!?!? I know. That’s exactly what I was thinking. 

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Normal is Relative

I had weird symptoms going on for about three years before I was diagnosed with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. For a while, I was convinced I had a very large worm living inside my body. I went as far as naming it Tapey. Turns out I did have a worm, or several making a home of my digestive tract, but it they weren’t the reason I was getting chills, fevers and pooping a lot. 

Little People Rule The World!

Hello, my name is Jim and I am 44 years old, I am a dad, a husband and I stand at 3’-6”, not 6’-3” you didn't read it wrong and that is not a typo. If that made you take a second look, you should spend a couple of hours with me and go for a coffee or go shopping. You would quickly notice how many heads turn. Add my 11 year old son to the picture and the fact we both use mini segway-like scooters for mobility and the attention we attract is beyond crazy!

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I Have Herpes And My Life Isn't Over

For a while there, I was pretty certain that having an incurable STI meant the end of my life as a normal human being. At the very least, it meant the end of my sex life. Who would want to get busy with someone whose junk routinely erupts into itchy painful sores?

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And What Is Madness

The linear story of recovery from mental illness is a harmful one.  It tells us that emotional pain is bad.  The truth is - I’m not so sure about that anymore.  Pain seems to me to be a necessary part of how we grow, how we learn to appreciate joy and all of the other emotions on the spectrum.  

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My Mom Has Schizophrenia

It's a typical day, you're young, naïve ...  And then your dad tells you you're mom is sick. I already knew something was different; for quite some time I had noticed her weight gain and the instability in her moods.  I was still too young to understand mental illness, and so little talk about it among society left my family with very few resources to cope with the disease and the stigma it carries.


My Amazon shopping history is a complete clusterfuck. I have Amazon Prime, which means that I can get anything shipped to my house in 2 days, thus I have accepted the challenge of “anything.” The line between want and need is blurred, and I end up buying whatever pops into my head at 10pm without any thought process.

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Confessions of a Professional Puker

The second I swallow, I feel It come alive; the pain, so instant and intense that I know I’ll be throwing up later. I try to ignore It, I say to myself “it won’t happen today; it’s just gas”. Oh how I wish it was just gas.

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12 Months Old & A Fatal Disease. Lolz!

Holy jesus. We're one year old today. It's a wild thing to think about, but we would not have been able to get this far if it wasn't for your loving/nurturing nature. You're like our mother. Snuggling us, dressing us, and feeding us from your teet. Literally... like, we legit drank breast milk from one of you. Oh my god. 

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Advice on keeping your head up...

So why was I sitting in solitude in a dark room with nothing to do but listen to audiobooks?  Well….that’s the slightly humorous part of the whole mess.   One November evening in 2015, I was leaving work, with my head down buried in my phone, texting and walking…and BAM…face-first into a brick pillar.  I walked away with my forehead split open, bleeding and swollen, and my ego slightly bruised.

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Rick James said it best: "Cocaine’s a helluva drug"

If someone had told me when I was younger, that by the time I was 22, I would be addicted to cocaine, escorting, living at my parents house in their spare bedroom, pregnant, and considering moving to Toronto to become a stripper and move in with a house full of pimps and strippers? I would have told them they were insane, taken them to the nearest institution, and promptly checked them in. I thought when I was younger that I would own a home, married with children by the time I would be 22... Lol at that one...

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Pushing Babies Out & Suckin' From The Teet

Then there are the western societal expectations put on moms to be “productive”, get out of the house and *cringe* get their pre-baby shape back. Moms need to recover from childbirth, focus on establishing their milk supply and bond with their baby. Yes, I often felt like a dairy cow, feeding my baby for an hour at a time, every other hour but I knew that this would not last forever.

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